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How to use PAM?
26 Apr 2017
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Usage and dosage:
a, The concentration of the solution of these products work best in 0.1-0.4%, and neutral non-salt water is preferred to prepare the solution;
b, When being dissolved, sprinkle anionic polyacrylamide product evenly into the water,control the stirring speed within 50 ~ 200rpm. Heat if necessary (< 60C) which can accelerate the dissolution;
c, Adjust the PH value of the solution to be treated to have the best effect of anionic polyacrylamide product (experiments are needed to determine the best PH value and the dosage of these products);
d, If flocs occur when anionic polyacrylamide product mixed with solution to be treated, slow the stirring speed to promote the growth of flocculant and accelerate the settlement.